Environmental Impact

Here at BlueFish Hot Tubs, we believe in living responsibly and actively promoting a sustainable world. We only work with suppliers and manufacturers that share our values and who actively strive to make a difference. 

Here are some of the ways we’re doing that, and how it benefits you:

Award-Winning Insulation

Our suppliers are leading the way in insulation innovation for their products. Both Sunbeach Spas (R10 Range) and Oasis Spas (R18 Range) use layers of high-density foam which reduce heat loss significantly, saving the burden on your pocket and the amount of energy you use.

The Latest in Energy-Efficiency Technology

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are many factors that make our R18 Range some of the most energy-efficient Hot Tubs on the market. These hot tubs are specifically designed to be as energy-efficient, economic, and eco-friendly as possible.

High-Tech Water Filtration System

It’s important for you and your skin to have clean water, but it’s also important for the environment. R18 Hot Tubs keep your water cleaner for longer, reducing your water usage, and keeping your hot tub the best it can be. 

We Plant Trees

where they are needed the most

For every sale, we plant two trees. One for you, one for us.

We’ve partnered with Treeapp to plant trees across the world to offset some of the carbon emissions related to the hot tub industry. Treeapp’s strong and serious work in reforestation has pushed us to work together and we promise to increase our commitment in the future. 

Supporting Communities

Our donations also support Treeapp’s other initiatives. Their projects go beyond planting trees. They support initiatives that promote economic independence, gender equality and local entrepreneurship in the forestry sector across the world.

Some examples of these are:

  • In Burundi they support plastic-free nurseries and electric bicycles for transporting seedlings up hilly areas.
  • In Tanzania they work with educational programmes in which children learn about the benefits of reforestation.
  • In Nepal they plant fruit trees with women-led groups in order to promote gender equality in rural societies.

100% Green Servers & Office

Our office and website are run on 100% renewable energies. 

We're not 100% perfect, but we're working our way there